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About Your Current Vibration
You calibrate at the level of the "Hero" and the "Achiever"

you calibrate at the level of the "Hero" 
which is a very powerful vibration to be at! 

the Hero represents a stage of manifesting your desires
and embodying your true power

you are someone who is into creating your own reality 
and have BIG dreams and goals

I explain more on this level below...

but FIRST...

I am emailing you 2 meditations right now that will help you wire 
in the next level of vibration...

which is the "Wizard"(aka the Magician) vibration... 
the level of Reality becoming dreamlike and magical 
The NEXT level is the "Wizard" level which calibrates at a level of LOVE and above (500+) 
(things get MAGICAL at 500 and above)
The vibration of the "Hero" is someone who usually
 has been through a lot in earlier in life

however there is an understanding that it has made you stronger

at this level of you are an adventurer for knowledge and achievement

You may have felt like you were misunderstood growing up
 and like many people didn't "get you"

at this level you may be into metaphysics and manifestation 

you are focused on improving your vibration and have 
a desire for success and achievement 

this is a level of power where you can
 put your energy in any direction you want 
and gain momentum

the shadow of this level...

is that the Hero...

always has to achieve and prove herself/himself

there is always a "challenge" around the corner

and this may cause some unexpected things to happen 

however you can TRANSCEND it! 

the key to getting to the next level of consciousness 
is about realizing you are a high vibrational being 
and can LET GO of hard work 
and thinking the "ego" must do so much

you are about to experience a huge change in consciousness

how do I know this?

because you can only perceive that which you are the vibration of...

and here you are reading this :)

the NEXT Vibrational Level is that of the "Wizard" 

this is where life becomes MAGICAL 
and you are able to "allow" things to happen

you will be able to transmute ANYTHING into whatever you life

negative into positive and you will be able to bend reality 

because you will know reality is more of illusion
and there is more flexible than ever

it is TIME to transform from the Hero into the Wizard! 

below I explain the 2 meditations that will help you
 to get to this next level of consciousness...

make the choice right now that you will 

and then do these meditations below 
for the next 21 days and watch what happens
These are the two meditations 
I am sending you via email right now
Transform Your Manifestation
 Process Meditation
The Transcend Level of Consciousness to a Whole New Level Meditation 
the first meditation I am sending you is on 
"Transforming the manifestation process" 
so things become easier than ever

the meditation will wire in a knowing that you don't 
HAVE to work hard and things happen EASILY

the second one is one of my signature mediations 
on Transcending your level of consciousness into love, joy and bliss

this meditation will help you to wire in a new base point vibration as well has
 help you to let go of energy that no longer serves

many people have commenting on this video saying that this is the 
most powerful meditation they have ever done 

in the next few days I will also email you tips and 
vibrational "hacks" for getting to the next level of consciousness

I'll also send you an instruction video of my
 exact step-by-step process for meditation

anyways the emails with the mp3 meditations
 should be in your email box by now...

one more thing...

for the Hero vibration... 

the The SHIFT Trilogy Pack would would help you 
create a HUGE  "jump" in vibration

this will help you let go of the beliefs and "reasoning" of this level 
so you can be in the higher levels

I  don't normally do this but since you are here I will assume it just "fits" and is the perfect win-win

click here to get all three SHIFT workshops 
and shift BEYOND beliefs into a higher state

if it resonates with you and it seems "meant to be" timing wise... 

You can get The SHIFT into Worthiness workshop, 
THE SHIFT into 5D and
 the SHIFT beyond Beliefs workshops
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if you have any questions let me know!


I want you to know you are a powerful being :)

I appreciate you and am excited for you and your 

 which is closer than you think! :)
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