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The EnLIGHTened Manifestation Process


This is a course that isn't even out yet, I'll share with you everything that I've learned from the book "Autobiography of a Yogi". You'll discover how to raise your vibration to manifest from a higher level of consciousness. There's a 3-step process for that which includes three hour-long workshops for how to tap into that higher level of vibration.

The Raise Your Vibrational Set-Point LIVE Event Recording


A few months back Leeor Alexandra, Victor Oddo and I ran an event where we helped people to let go of their past "stories" so they can raise their vibration to a whole new level. This was an extraordinary event that included a live meditation, exercises and a Q and A.

The Most Powerful Morning Routine Course for ACCELERATING the Law of Attraction Process 


This is one of my legacy courses which shows you my exact routine for how I manifest what I want. The morning is the most powerful time to prime your subconscious mind and in this course I show you my exact visualization process, my meditation practice, I show you my definite purpose and how you can set one up as well, as well as the exact affirmations I use so that you accelerate the process of manifestation towards whatever you want.

The Ultimate Finding Your Purpose Course for Finding Your Passion and Making it Full-Time 


There is a simple process you can apply to find your life purpose and start to LIVE a passionate, fulfilled life. In this course I show you how to find your purpose with a simple step-by-step process plus I show you how to have the mindset and vibration to live in that reality now. There is also a 40 min bonus video of Victor Oddo and I explaining how to go full time with your passion and how we did it. 

The Ultimate Transformational Breath Workshop 


If you haven't experienced transformational breathwork yet then this is hard to explain. Imagine breathing in a pattern that release SO MUCH stored emotion and after feeling as free as a bird. When I did this I let go of a massive amount of both past pain as well as "control" that my ego was holding onto. This workshop will reset your breathing and you will feel like a totally new person afterwards and that is not an exaggeration. I want you to experience what I experienced when I first did it in Costa Rica, without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so at a retreat center.

The Reality Shifting Trilogy Workshops


Reality Shifting is THE most powerful manifestation process I have ever found. It mixes quantum physics with the law of attraction and so many people reach out to me thanking me for introducing it to them. In this trilogy course I show you how to apply the most powerful techniques. Manifestation will never be the same once you begin to apply.

How to SHIFT into 5D Consciousness Workshop 


This workshop will show you how to SHIFT out of the old 3D level of consciousness which feels like a trap vibrationally. I show you how to embody a higher level of consciousness and how to STAY there. There is a guided activation in this workshop as well for BEING in 5D.

The SHIFT into 100% Worthiness and Self-Love Workshop 


In this workshop I show you all I know about "shadow work" and how to integrate it into your life. The key is releasing old "meaning" that has become "stuck" and caused similar patterns to come up over and over again. In this workshop i will show you how to let all of that go so that you can finally feel 100% worthy, whole and complete.

The Abundant MindSHIFT Course 


This course is all about money and abundance around subconscious beliefs. I show you how to change your beliefs and relationship to money so that you manifest it easier than ever. I also show you how to apply what is called "EFT" which is a powerful process (also called "tapping") for releasing those subconscious beliefs/energy patterns.

The Money Mindset Bootcamp 


This is a training bootcamp I did with my best friend (and Youtuber) Victor Oddo. We show you how to re-wire your beliefs about money and we give you our top resources (and recommended books) that changed it all for us to where now we live in abundance doing what we love.

Access to "The Meditation Archive"


There are many premium meditations in "The Meditation Archive" that that you can download and listen to whenever you want. They range from the topics of changing your self image, to tapping to love, and many other topics not on Youtube. If you think my Youtube meditations are powerful than I am excited for you to experience this :) The Youtube meditations are here as well for your convenience.

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