The Most Powerful Morning Routine Course for ACCELERATING the Law of Attraction Process
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What if I told you that the key to attracting what you want could be so much easier than it currently is?

What if I told you that the key to attracting what you really want was having a simple law of attraction process that you could consistently apply?

The key manifesting what you really want has to do with how you are influencing your subconscious mind.
You see, the subconscious mind runs over 90% of your life. This means that even though you may consciously want to attract more money, a relationship, or the perfect career: if your subconscious mind doesn’t believe it, it can’t happen.

Not only that, resistance and blocks will always come up that affirms what the subconscious mind believes.  

This poses the question… 

How in the world do we reprogram…

-decades of overthinking that causes negative emotion 
-years of feeling resistance,
-Countless reference experiences affirming what we don't want,
-and a self-image that has been wired in since childhood?
I created a powerful solution that will allow to EASILY do all of this by doing a few simple things first thing in the morning. 

You see, the first 30mins to an hour of your day is the most powerful time to influence the subconscious mind due to the brainwaves shifting from the “sleep states” (delta, theta) and into the conscious states (alpha, and beta).  

This is why the solution involves directing you mind RIGHT when you wake up in the morning so that you begin to attract what you want and experience AMAZING synchronicity in your life. 

This is why I developed the Ultimate 7 Day Law of Attraction Morning Routine Program. 
So that you can learn a powerful process for attracting what you want effortlessly by leveraging your subconscious mind.  
The main intention of this whole program is that by the end of it you will have a complete program for attracting what you want by leveraging the first part of your day.  

You will feel inspired to wake up in the morning knowing that you can set intentions and create EXACTLY what you want.  
If you want to….

-powerfully reprogram your subconscious mind so that you EASILY attract what you want
-learn my exact process for meditation (with guided meditations) so that you are able to release resistance and overthinking
-learn how to visualize using the senses so that you begin to wire in the feeling and feel empowered to move towards your manifestation
-learn how to make a definite purpose so that you are able to move towards your passion and vision
-learn how to EASILY take action (using techniques and tools) so that you develop powerful momentum in the direction of your desires.
-learn and receive exercises on “transformative vocabulary” affirmations that powerful influence the subconscious mind so that you really “believe” and “feel” the words you are saying
and much more…

I developed this program from working 1 on 1 with 100’s of people to attract what they want with the law of attraction and noticed the power of using certain meditations and techniques first thing in the morning.  

I do this by giving you a step by step process of EXACTLY what to do to attract what you want.  

-You will learn how to meditate and observe your thoughts so that you can let go of resistance and negative emotion.  
-You will learn powerful guided visualizations that use NLP “Neuro Linguistic Programming” to powerful “FEEL” into your manifestations.  
-You will learn EXACLY how to make your definite purpose so that you find you passion and move towards living your passion.
-You will learn techniques for making affirmations ACTUALLY work so that you REALLY believe in what you are saying and influence your subconscious mind. 
-You will learn how to visualize using powerful techniques that will help you embody the emotions you want NOW so that you begin to experience the miracle you deserve.

and most importantly….

-you will be someone who feels grateful to wake up every morning knowing you can choose to create your life from a place of empowerment and purpose. Its who you really are…

This is a 7 day program that contains a different theme each day….

Day 1: Meditation 

-You will get interactive videos what show EXACTLY what goes through my mind as I meditate so that you can release negative emotions and resistance. 
-You will get 2 guided meditations. (1 short and 1 long)
-Meditation for becoming present to the moment
Day 2: Visualization

-Interactive videos show you exactly how to do it so that you can really FEEL from your senses and make visualization much more powerful 
-Guided visualization mediations you can listen to everyday
Day 3: Affirmations 

-Interactive videos showing you my EXACT process with an exercise you can follow along with
-Tonality coaching for really FEELING into the process (this is one of my secrets) so that you powerfully influence your subconscious mind (which runs 90% of our lives)
-List of Transformative Vocabulary that powerfully influences the subconscious mind.
Day 4: Definite Purpose 

-EXACTLY how to create a definite purpose with examples and a template you can use so that you are able to find your purpose and move towards your vision/goals.
-How to make your vision brighter in your mind so you can feel motivated to move towards it.
-Interactive videos showing you EXACTLY how to do it
Day 5: Taking Action

-I'll show you NLP Techniques for loving the process of taking action so that taking action is easy and enjoyable.  
-My secrets for taking action first thing in the morning and how to do it
-Techniques to NEVER Procrastinate again so that you are able to accelerate the law of attraction process. 
Day 6: Diet

-The ESSENTIAL parts of having amazing energy and feeling energized.
-What I personal eat/drink
Day 7: Custom designing your own morning routine

-List of guided meditations and exercises you can custom build depending on how much time you have in the morning so that your morning routine is EASY to apply and CUSTOM to you.
-You can literally do your morning routine with me everyday!
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