STOP "Creating Your Own Reality"
and Instead
 "Choose it" Using the Power of
Find Out How To EASILY 
Manifest What You Want 
WithOUT "trying hard" and "feeling lack"
I used to be the guy on Youtube preaching "hard work" and "massive action" for the Law of Attraction to work...

The truth is...

 I was originally rewarded for taking massive action and got "some" results from it...

 however after a year of having the "nose to the grindstone..." 

creating major resistance and feeling like I had to "try" very hard...

not only that I felt like I was so desperate to manifest that I was repelling myself from attracting money, love and success

I was living at my dads house, "trying" to "make it" on Youtube and didn't know what to do to get better results...

I realized there had to be a better way...

That's when I learned about a parallel realities shifting 
and started to apply it... 

Everything changed.

Things became easier...

I began to realize that I didn't have to "try so hard"

I could instead, align my energy to my goals in way that was graceful...

knowing all I had to do was "resonate" with the reality I wanted to experience

It became more about 'alignment and vibration' and the moment I started to apply it, I began to feel a surge of energy unlike anything I have experienced before...

I moved into my dream house and now live a life of abundance BEYOND what I have ever thought possible...

Manifestation became easier than ever

When I aligned with the universe, the universe started to manifest FOR me...

This took the weight off my ego and has allowed me to live a totally new life. 

Maybe you can tell in my more recent videos...

My energy is different, my mentality has changed and my life has been transformed...

I believe it will change your life too
If You Are You Tired of...
-Feeling like you have to "try hard" to attract what you want?
-feeling like the more you want something, the more you subconsciously "push" it away?
-experiencing subconscious blocks that you feel are holding you back?
-Feeling like the "cameo" in everyone else's movie?
-Wondering whether the Law of Attraction REALLY works
-Not knowing what steps to take to attract what you want, even-though you desire it "badly"
Do you feel confused about the process of manifestation in general, not knowing the steps to take?
The truth is, this is not only how I felt years ago, it's also how many people feel that are using the Law of Attraction process to manifest what they want only to find they are "spinning their wheels."
This is all due to the OLD, outdated way of 
using the Law of Attraction,
1) "Desiring" manifestations and emphasizing a feeling of lack.  

2) Creating an 'imbalance of energy' by making the desire "very important" (this causes us to attract the opposite.)

3) Social conditioning blocking people from creating momentum due to "pull" and "draining" nature of it.

4) Trying to do "too much" and creating resistance, slowing down the process.

5)Feeling fake while "acting as if" reaffirming the old identity and therefore staying the same.

The Good News is, there is a better way...
What if I told you manifestation can be so much easier if you got to the authentic core of who you are and then realized that what you want, already exists... 

It's simply about aligning with that energy and creating from that higher-vibrational state. 

When you get to that core you will feel empowered and feel like you can finally take off the mask of "trying" to manifest using the old way which creates resistance.

We get to that core by dismantling all the outdated ideas and beliefs in regards to the manifestation process.

 I will show you how to remove the layers that are holding you back, the layers of inauthenticity that keep you in old patterns getting the same unwanted results.

This goes beyond just the manifestation process and is intended to create a total transformation for the way you relate to reality in general. 

This transformation comes from the book reading books on Parallel Reality Shifting and applying into my life in a "Practical way"

My intention to help you receive the massive benefits I have received in an ongoing practical easy to apply step-by-step process that combines personal development, and Quantum Manifestation.  
Introducing: The Reality Transurfing Academy 
The results you can expect to receive include...
-Feeling empowered to manifest knowing you can use this process to create whatever you want in your life

-The feeling of freedom to manifest from a totally new paradigm

-Getting to the authentic core of who you are so that you let go of blocks and resistance

-Step-by-step guidance on how to transform your life so that you never go back to feeling stuck and like you aren't living to your true potential

-Powerful Techniques that allow you to "choose" the reality you want

-Powerful Exercises and tools to decrease importance and resonate with your goals/desires

- Raising your consciousness and vibration to create from a whole new paradigm

-Plus much, more...
What You'll Get When You Join Today...
-Step-By-Step Reality Transurfing Coaching Videos ($97 value/month)

Each month, you'll receive...

-Step-by-step instructional videos showing you exactly what to do so that you transform the way you manifest what you want. You'll feel empowered knowing you can set intentions and align with what you want more easily than ever.

-Exercises and Meditations for powerfully wiring in these ideas and influencing the subconscious mind so that you move the blocks and resistance holding you back.
-Live Q and A's and Interaction with Me ($297/month value)

-Get Live interaction and your questions answered by me. I will guide you though this process so that you powerfully get the results you want. 

-All Q and A sessions will be uploaded in the members area to watch at any time

-You can "pre-submit" question for me to answer at those Q and A's
Access to BONUS Courses AND Meditations (​$247 value)

You will get access to...

"The 7 Day Law of Attraction Morning Routine Accelerator Program"

-You will learn how to meditate and observe your thoughts so that you can let go of resistance and negative emotion.  

-You will learn powerful guided visualizations that use NLP “Neuro Linguistic Programming” to powerful “FEEL” into your manifestations.  

-You will learn EXACLY how to make your definite purpose so that you find you passion and move towards living your passion.

-You will learn techniques for making affirmations ACTUALLY work so that you REALLY believe in what you are saying and influence your subconscious mind.

"The Ultimate Finding Your Purpose and Monetizing Your Passion Course"

-Find your authentic life purpose so that you feel meaning in your life-your step-by-step process for connecting with your higher-self so that you can connect whenever you want

- guided visualizations for following your passion

-your vision for a life that will empower you to wake up everyday 

-your roadmap to going full time with your passion so that you can do ONLY what you want, when you want sooner
Access to the Online Mastermind Community ($297 value)

-You will get access to the Reality Transurfing Academy Facebook group where I will regularly post content and answer questions. 

-I will do Accountability Coaching Videos helping you to create momentum to change your life in a powerful way. 

-Live Q and A sessions on Facebook live where you can ask questions and interact with me
BONUS #1: The Vibrational Manifestation Process ($297 Value)
This program will show you exactly how to generate any emotion you want at will. I will show you how to to take any subject whether it be money, relationships, health, etc and how to resonate with that reality. You will recieve thetools and techniques I personally use to elevate my emotions and attract what I want. 
You will also get my personal "vibrational toolkit" which includes all the tools and meditations I personally use, to raise my vibration the highest
Bonus #2: The Most POWERFUL Meditation and Subliminal I have ever made, Check out the Sample Below
Limited Bonus If you Join Today! 
If you join today you get this subliminal Hypnosis meditation which will wire in Reality Transurfing and transform the manifestation process! This is the most powerful meditation I have ever created and I want you to be able to use it. Here is what Deborah had to say...
Everything you will Recieve...
  • 1. Step-by-Step Reality Transurfing coaching videos showing you EXACTLY what to do ($97 a month value)
  • 2. Live Coaching from me via Q and A and Workshops ($297 a month value)
  • 3. Additional Courses including the the Law of Attraction Accelerator Morning Routine Program AND The Ultimate Life Purpose Course for Monetizing Your Passion Course ($247 value)
  • 4. Bonus Meditations that you can download and listen to whenever you want. These are my most powerful meditations NOT on Youtube ($97 value)
  • 5. MASTERMIND Facebook group where we create a "pendulum" of success and transformation. You will be a part of motivated and positive people that you can ask questions and get support from. ($197 month value)
  • BONUS: If you can see this you will also receive the Vibrational Manifestation Process which will show you my top hacks for resonating with the reality I want. You will get a 1.5 hour workshop, and my vibrational toolkit which contains some of the most powerful meditations I have ever made! ($297 value)
Over $1,035 value and you can join today
 for only $47/month 
(no contracts, cancel anytime with a simple email to me)
Check out what current "Reality Transurfers" have to say about it...
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Common Questions and Answers...
How is this different from Youtube Videos?
This is different from youtube videos in many ways. The coaching lessons are formulated so that as you apply what you learn, you begin to remove the layers that no longer serve for the way you go through the manifestation process in general. You will be able to do exercises that help you to wire in the process of Reality Transurfing so that you transform the way you manifest and start to live from a whole new paradigm. Another important part of the process is the coaching from me. I will help you to create a powerful change and you will have the option to ask me questions as well as be a part of a mastermind. Watching all my Youtube videos will give you general understanding but this is for people that really want to create from a whole new paradigm as well as let go of social conditioning and blocks that hold them back.
I've got a busy schedule, will I have time for this?
If you can spare a few minutes a day to watch just one YouTube video, you'll have time for the Reality Transurfing Academy . You can move and your own pace and the program is systemically intended to give you enough to learn and absorb so that you don't overwhelm and get lost in information. As you start to optimize your energy and vibration, don't be surprised when you find yourself having more free time throughout the day.
Is this course worth the price?
The Reality Transurfing Academy has the potential to completely transform the way you create what you want in life. What is learned in this Academy can be applied to attracting a relationship, creating abundance, doing your passion full time, and more. As far as the actual content goes, if you think that my free Youtube videos add value then this will blow you away. Normally private coaching with me is around 400 to 500 dollars a month. The coaching videos and the step-by-step course itself could easily sell at much more however I want as many people as possible to learn this revolutionary manifestation process. I believe that the benefits you can receive from this course are priceless.  
How long will it take to get results?
There are already over 50 people who joined the beta version. I wanted to make sure and fine tune the whole process so that you are able to powerfully get the results you want. Many people who have joined are already saying that they are experiencing powerful changes in their life. In the facebook members area you will see comments from people with their stories of how they are manifesting easier than ever. This is a practical step-by-step course and is intended for you to get results each week helping you to make the process easier than ever.  
Can I cancel at anytime?
Absolutely, You can cancel your subscription at any time with a simple email to me .
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